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About Our Laser Acupuncture Clinic

Welcome! We are delighted you are here to learn more about our integrated wellness clinic. We are passionate about blending East and West, ancient, time-tested and modern evidence-based medicine to provide our patients safe and effective treatments.

A unique aspect of our clinic is the use of LASER ACUPUNCTURE. Health Canada approved laser equipment is used to administer PAINLESS laser acupuncture treatments which have been proven to be as effective or superior to needle acupuncture. Here’s why:

Our clinic uses 3 proven wavelengths: The Cascade Energy Effect™—triple synchronized wavelengths incorporates 660 nm, 875 nm and 905 nm to cover the therapeutic spectrum of light for optimal tissue saturation. Sophisticated software algorithm synergizes multiple wavelengths, creating the cascading effect: 660 nm absorbed by superficial tissue clears the way for infrared 875 nm to penetrate deeper and eliminate cellular interference, which allows infrared 905 nm super pulsed laser to go even deeper: up to 4-5 inches. What does this mean for you? It means better, faster healing at the speed of light.

Common Treatable Conditions

Back Pain

Clients Love Beverly

I just stopped in to say hello and pick up more of Beverly's business cards. She helped me stop smoking a year ago and now I have $5,000 in the bank!

~ Gary ~
I just wanted to let you know that my foot feels better today than it has in months! I slept like a dream after my treatment yesterday. What a relief! Thank you so much.
~ Linda ~

I really feel I am on the right track for my TMJ issues; I felt invigorated and so positive after my 1st treatment with you. I look forward to further treatments to help alleviate my TMJ issue. Thank you.

~ Don ~

After 18 months of excruciating pain and hardly being able to walk, I finally found what helped me when I went to see Beverly. I had other treatments, including saline injections into the muscles to make them relax, climbed into a decompression chamber, had Bowen therapy and finally went to Beverly. She read my MRI results and proceeded to work on me.

Almost immediately I felt relief. I am still having treatments, but every day is an improvement. I went from using a walker to getting back into my garden. Thank you Beverly!
~ Ingrid ~

When I met Beverly in her office for the first time I had hope that someone could help me with the terrible pain I was having. I had been diagnosed by my doctor with IBS and I had problems like bloating, trouble going to the bathroom, sometimes going too much, but the worst was the pain. Beverly helped me get rid of these problem with a series of visits and my pain started to disappear after the very first visit!

~ Shelley ~

I was rear-ended in a car accident and, thanks to Beverly, my whiplash has healed faster than anyone imagined. I know that without the treatments and care I received from Beverly, my life would be very different now. Thank you Beverly!

~ Claire ~

I have been going to Beverly Seip for the past couple of months with many aches and pains [arthritis]. They are much less severe now, and some are even gone! I find Beverly to be a very genuine, caring, knowledgeable practitioner.

~ Gordon ~

Beverly Seip was the first person I ever trusted to do acupuncture on me. I sensed her to be a practitioner with deep respect for my whole being, capable of managing professionally whatever happened for me physically, emotionally, and spiritually. I was not disappointed. She introduced me to the amazing possibilities in Traditional Chinese Medicine, and has taught me to do what I can to nurture an internal ecology conducive to greater health and well being. She has remained curious, patient, confident that improvements are possible, and a great listener, through my challenges of dealing with chronic, difficult-to-treat illness [Lyme Disease] over many years.

My husband, although often skeptical of alternative medicine, has come to value and respect Bev's ideas and suggestions, because she grounds her views in research and clinical experience, and says "I don't know," or "There's no research on that," when appropriate.

~ Vera ~

I was lethargic, feeling unwell and out of tune. I went through the laser acupuncture treatments offered by Beverly. After the very first session, I felt terrific and very much energized. Throughout the next several sessions, I felt better each and every time. She is very professional and helpful. She offered plenty of nutritional and lifestyle recommendations which helped a lot too. I recommend that people meet Beverly Seip and see what she can do for them.

~ Marlene ~

I would highly recommend Beverly for both her expertise as an acupuncturist and for her nutritional counsel. I appreciate her depth of knowledge and well-reasoned advice. She is warm, friendly and always professional. Her services have offered lasting benefit.

~ Tracy ~

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